When the correct typing posture involves having one’s hands just above the level of one’s thighs, and one’s eyes level with the top of one’s monitor, why is it that most ‘computer desks’ sold by furniture manufacturers have a desk height that is right at the top of one’s waist (closing the elbows up and bending the wrists down) and a monitor stand that is only about ten or fifteen centimetres higher? The user needs to have a monitor the size of modern day televisions in order for that to reach their eye level.

I just measured on my home setup, which is reasonably good but which I’d like to replace because it takes up too much horizontal room, and I get a keyboard height of about 66cm/23in above the floor, a desk height of about 74cm/28in and a monitor stand (for a 17″ LCD with its own 5cm stand) of about 95cm/37in. And if anything I’d like the keyboard a little lower. But alleged computer desks are sold with a desk height of 70cm (usually without the adjustable keyboard tray that it seems I’m very lucky to have) and monitor stands at 80cm if that.

No wonder everyone slumps.