2008 first impressions

  • The network isn’t working yet. Well, by the time you read this I guess it is. Right now not so much. I hear 500 people have already asked about it. Looks like DHCP isn’t working, because my zeroconf interface has come up.
  • Occupational hazard of holding the conference at a university: there’s a moderately well-rendered erect penis drawn on this desk.
  • I remain torn on the question of 14″ versus tiny laptops. Advantages of former: arguably easier to type. Advantages of latter: could have brought my 400D as well, but cripes, that would have been weighty.

  • If only laptops were more in the camera price range: I could have a big one and a small one. Actually, thinking about it the 400D is not much cheaper than a normal entry level laptop, and the IXUS 65 at the time of release cost about as much as an ASUS Eee. But somehow owning two cameras seems less bread and circuses than owning two laptops. Maybe it’s the recycling aspect.
  • Breaking news from the security miniconf: Michael Davies wants us to use Zign even though his slides are in Comic Sans or something that looks suspiciously like it.