Roundup of things in my feed reader

There seems to have been a run of blog recommendations while I was away (Catie, Kirrily, Nicholas, Penny). And Blog Day is tomorrow. The time is ripe, and here are some newer things from my feed reader. If for some reason you want the complete, insane, truth, I can help with that too.

I’ll start out as I intend to continue, by flat-out cheating: The Dancing Sausage Web Journal and Gumbaby. Everything old is new again (even things called ‘web journals’) and so Gus cleaned out the spam from the DSWJ and is oiling the joints. People at uni were super impressed that I actually knew the person rescuing end-of-lifed dead trees and I didn’t even have to tell them that I once bought the t-shirt.

You’ll need to have a passing level of serious interest in MediaWiki-enabled Free Culture to enjoy Brianna Laugher’s All The Modern Things, but I have, and so, I do.

It might just be a passing fancy because I’ve found Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) such a… interesting experience, but I’ve been not-so-secretly enjoying the Linux Hater’s Blog.

I really do not care very much about Bill O’Reilly, but I started reading Marc Andreessen recently and except for the Bill O’Reilly it’s been pretty interesting. He’s probably the only blogger I read who has ever gone and asked attorneys for help with an article and it was well worth it.

Matthew Paul Thomas writes only very occasionally about software usability but when he does tech bloggers throw him parties.

I used to read Megan at From the Archives, where she begged and pleaded for a new commenting culture of loving kindness, and wrote about exercise, sunshine, dating and engineering. Now I read her with her friend Sherry at Rhubarb Pie, where they’ve given up on comments, and on the idea of addressing their readers directly, and instead are writing letters to each other. Sometimes they’re about exercise, sunshine, dating and engineering. I wish I’d had this idea first. And that I knew either of these women.

A White Bear at Is there no sin in it? thinks and feels subtly differently from me about just about everything: I’m not really used to subtle challenges to my thoughts about research and teaching and relationships.

Julia at Here Be Hippogriffs (and Mom Moment) has three children, two of whom are twins. She was pregnant in total thirteen times. Yeah. Eleven miscarriages. The first thing people ask me when I try and persuade them to read this is whether she’s totally mad. I don’t know her, I have no idea, but they did, for the record, know the cause of the miscarriages and the odds were better than that. Anyway, she had eleven miscarriages and has infant twins and a nerdy six year old, and she still has time to be gently, amusingly dry.

There are basically two feminism things I talk about with the AussieChix these days. One of them is Dorothea Salo’s Grunchy stuff (The sickening grunch: There it was—the sickening grunch as I landed involuntarily back in my body—and not my entire body, either, but specific parts of it.) and the other is Shapely Prose.

See also previous versions of these from me: Australian blog awards (2005) and Blog Day (2006). And PS, Martin, I still miss sourcefrog