2009 plans

One year I’d like to do the same project Skud is doing for 2009, that is: a resolution a week. But this year is a finishing year for me, not a starting year.

A quick wrap-up on 2008 resolutions:

  • I dabbled in morning yoga, I am just not good at getting out of bed twenty minutes early for that reason, and Andrew is less good at it (and now has a fixed 9am work start time). I did some morning meditation practice when going through a very stressful period in April (after my DCS hospitalisation).
  • Tidiness. We got slightly better, but that one was actually Andrew doing it for me. Which is nice and all, but I have no claim to glory here.
  • Clothes shopping. Oh yes I did. The secret turns out, unfortunately, to be buying expensive clothes.
  • Reading and watching movies. Not so much.

The first half of 2008 was pretty difficult for me. In retaliation, Andrew and I screamed around the south island of New Zealand in August. I do recommend its recuperative powers.

Major goals for 2009:

  • Submit PhD thesis for examination.
  • Do PADI’s Rescue Diver certification before my CPR qualification expires, that is, before March.

Other plans in 2009:

  • A short holiday in January in Tasmania.
  • With any luck, an international conference or two, and depending on my PhD timeline, a holiday around one of these.
  • A major party to celebrate my PhD submission.
  • Something meaningful in August to mark the 10th anniversary of my relationship with Andrew.
  • Stretching and strength work. If I can’t get it together to do a full yoga routine, I do want at least to be working on contributing skills daily.
  • The odd SCUBA dive here and there.

Also, given the PhD submission thing, I will probably be looking for a job towards the end of 2009. I do not know yet if I am going to apply for postdoctoral positions, this will probably depend on achieving a couple of major conference acceptances in 2009. And on deciding whether I want to live in the northern hemisphere. Even if I am I may be looking for programming or similar work in the short-term to wait out my examination process. So, keep in touch, if you want to offer me work, or come to my submission party. Or both.