Wii update error 32022

There are reports of errors in the Wii’s latest firmware update (4.2 to 4.3) around: that the Shop channel will tell the user that they need to do a System Update, and then the update will stall at about three-quarters done, and error 32022 will be reported.

32022 is supposed to be the error for not being able to reach the Nintendo servers, and the usual solution is to wait an hour or so for either their servers to come back up, or your connection to become stable. But in June/July a lot of people started reporting complete inability to upgrade due to this error. It hit us last night.

There are all kinds of arcane solutions to this around (check out AUDISIOJUNIOR’s solution for arcane) but reports are that Nintendo tells people it’s your ISP’s fault. As best Andrew and I can tell Nintendo is right, it is your ISP’s fault, at least in a way, although they aren’t being very specific. There is a problem with the update (or perhaps with the update if it failed the first time) when you are using a transparent HTTP proxy. Most likely this is something your ISP set up.

Since getting your ISP to turn a transparent proxy off for you is usually something of a pain, you will probably find it fastest (although still very annoying) to connect your Wii to the ‘net using a different provider.