More on the Lib/Nat coalition and the CDP

As per my previous post, the Christian Democratic Party, headed by Fred Nile, did rather well in the State election for the Legislative Council (the upper house, for which this was a half election, ie, half the seats vacant).

Per Jo Tamar at Hoyden About Town, the Lib/Nats nominated the CDP as their Second Preference Group, meaning that in a situation where someone had to be removed from the Lib/Nat ballot due to death or disqualification, all Lib/Nat preferences would flow to the CDP unless the voter had specifically directed otherwise.

In addition, and with, I think (I’d have to remind myself how preferences flow in that counting system from a successful party, but I believe they do flow) considerably more influence on the result, per Tally Room, the Lib/Nats also directed their voters to actively (ie, not just in case of emergency) direct preferences to the CDP, per for example these election leaflets: How to Vote Liberal for Goulburn, How to vote Liberal for Strathfield. Under “Step 2 (larger ballot paper)” these leaflets show a large “1” against GROUP A LIBERALS/NATIONALS and a smaller “2” against GROUP F CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY (FRED NILE GROUP).

In at least some seats, see Shellharbour for an example, the CDP directed both lower and upper house preferences to the Liberals/Nationals.