Autumn photography 2017

I switched camera systems in May this year to a mirrorless system, specifically a Fuji XT-20 body with various lenses. Its first big expedition was to New York but soon enough it was time for the much closer to home annual trek around the autumn foliage. The camera body failed around mid-day (had to go in for repairs as it was unable to detect lenses connected to it), very poor timing since Andrew’s niece was born that day, but we had some adventures first.

I remain fascinated by the ludicrous, alien, ornamental pear that is planted in such profusion around here:

Leaves against tin roof
Deep red

But eucalypts can hold their own:

Gum nuts
Gum flowers
This year’s full autumn album.

Apple picking, Mayfarm Flowers, April 22 2019

Most of the apple orchards around Orange, once the major growing region in Australia, have been converted into vineyards, or in the case of Mayfarm Flowers, a flower farm. Their crop of apples from the doomed trees was storm damaged in 2019, and so they opened them up for picking, with most of the apples being shipped to Sydney for donation, and pickers allowed to take away others for free.

Sunflower harvest, Mayfarm Flowers Storm damaged apples, Mayfarm Flowers Crate of apples, Mayfarm Flowers Storm damaged Granny Smith, Mayfarm Flowers Apple crates, Mayfarm Flowers Apples, Mayfarm Flowers Granny Smith crate, Mayfarm Flowers Sunflower before bloom

Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

October 2019

Knowing I was coming up on photos of New York really did a number on my photo processing lo these 18 months.

This one was a trudge, 6km or so from Irvington to Dobbs Ferry. I had hoped to do it on the following day but there was rain forecast (in fact the remanents of Tropical Storm Olga) which saw me taking refuge in the Musuem of Natural History, trudging through there instead.

Weekends are always when the jetlag smashes down. Someday I will have the chance to re-learn that.

It’s a pretty trudge though!

Tracks, Marble Hill Station Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, Irvington Old Croton Aqueduct Trail Crawling roots, Old Croton Aqueduct Trail Autumn living on the Hudson

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