Rants; Curiosity


  1. Wiki markup is great if you only have to learn one version of it. However, there isn’t only one version of it, many wikis have their own subtly different form. I don’t know why this is upsetting me, I already know about five text markup formats, what’s another few matter?
  2. Switching hosting providers always lands me with a worse hosting provider. Now that I’m down to 70 or 80% uptime, I’m considering settling.
  3. Every serious Free Software Thinker in the world can tell you why they hate every Free(-ish) creative work licence out there. The only two licences that anyone seems happy for creative people to use are the GPL and the BSD licence. Everyone understands code licences and they are good, what hey?
  4. Advice sucks. I’m considering adopting a personal philosophy involving only giving people advice in times of an immediate life threatening emergency. I am failing badly.
  5. I should never have promised that I’d work on my holiday.


Why are people so keen to pass on GMail invites? I don’t recall constantly being asked if I wanted a Livejournal account back in the days when those were invite-only. I keep looking at the invite spooler though; there’s something about the graphs. Andrew was really disappointed that they weren’t selling them, because he had a Buy-Sell graph nostalgia attack on seeing it.