Idle notes

Idle notes

An interesting thing about time zones is that they’re stuffing up my web surfing habits. Because I read a lot of stuff written in Europe and the US (I was going to say ‘disproportionate amounts of stuff’, but given where the English writers of the world live, not so), and I’m used to it all being written over night and then doing all that reading during the morning.

Now that I’m in Spain, I’m actually 1-7 hours ahead of most of the writers, so I have to wait all day for their content to dribble in. I prefer the Australian setup.

What I’ve been working on

Precious little, much of it Wikitravel, which is sort of silly, but sort of not, since it’s still pretty hot in the middle of the day in Palma.

What I should be working on

  1. Updates to the Twisted Labs website pending the 2.0 release.
  2. A report for Diego.