Twisted sprint

I, like a lot of people, don’t have the art of taking photos of people hacking and making them interesting to look at. But, hey, photos!

It’s been a good weekend so far. Chris, Andrew, Andy and Tim really have been working on a virtual firesystem abstraction, although without the April 1st insanity. Last I heard the aim was to have a demonstration server which allows (virtual!) files to be uploaded and viewed over SFTP and FTP and viewed through Twisted Web at the same time. Andrew has been buried in the guts of FTP: the man has a long burn out time but he’s back in the game. I asked him for some attention about two hours ago and I’m still in the queue.

I added a few tests to bugs yesterday in an attempt to learn some trial, and converted a few demonstration code bits to automated tests. Today I’ve been much more idle than everyone else, but I did make a start on a documentation writing style guide that could keep me busy for years if I make the ropes tight enough.