Jeff’s and Pia’s wedding

If anyone would like a lift to Jeff’s and Pia’s wedding next weekend that fits into the following schedule, let Andrew or myself know (if we get full-up, I’ll update the entry appropriately):

  • Saturday 16th: Leave Sydney mid-morning and travel to Canberra. I think we’ll stay in the City Walk Hotel if they have room, but could drop you off elsewhere.
  • Sunday 17th: Leave Canberra mid-morning to travel to Yass in time for the ceremony (going straight to the venue).
  • Sunday 17th: Leave Yass in the early evening to travel back to Sydney (we’re not going to lca and thus will not be returning to Canberra). This will either be straight after the reception, or very soon after the start of the party.

If you only want a lift one way, that’s fine too.

Note especially that Andrew is driving the entire way. He’s currently on his learner’s permit, and needs to accrue more hours in his logbook before his driving test. This has a couple of effects on our passengers aside from his driving (he’s pretty good, btw, and the Hume Highway will be no problem for him after the Bells Line of Road over the Blue Mountains). The trips will be slow because learners are speed restricted to 80km/h. You get not one, but two designated drivers, since I must be under 0.05 to supervise him. (Andrew won’t be able to drink during the entire weekend, because he, as a learner, must have a 0.00 reading.) But if you’re happy with a completely sober advanced learner driving you about, get in touch.