My new baby

She’s a little bulky:

Chunky little dive computer

If I’d really appreciated this prior to purchase I might have spent a little bit more money on getting a real wrist computer, not a console computer in a wrist mount. But that’s OK, it can wait until I retire this one some years from now.

And yes, my wrists are quite slender. This wrist strap is actually a pain to get off when it’s that tight, fortunately I will normally be wearing it over my other baby:


The new one’s also a little crazy:

Dive computer showing 5 minutes of time at 57 metres

That’s saying that if I were to dive now (currently at sea level with no previous dives in the last couple of days) I could spend 5 minutes at 57 metres depth before it would insist noisily on my taking decompression stops during ascent. And it’s also assuming that I’m at least 70% completely crazy. I can’t say I have a great sense of my tolerance of nitrogen pressure, but I’m presuming that would be lala land: nearly 4 martinis by Martini’s law.