Australian blog awards

Nominations for the Australian blog awards are open. (The authority is self-appointed, but that’s OK. I set myself up as an authority on everything I can think of too.)

Best Australian tech blog. Last year I nominated Martin Pool, but it didn’t really get anywhere. (I think ‘popular tech blog’ usually corresponds to ‘person who blogs about Cascading Style Sheets a lot’ rather than ‘person who blogs about source control a lot’.) Martin hasn’t been writing very much this year and I don’t want to nominate him on past glories. I’d make an effort for the free software community, but none of the writers on Planet Linux Australia really stand out for me yet.

Best Australian Political Blog/Best Australian Collaborative Blog. This would be Larvatus Prodeo for me. I wish they had a less shrill set of commenters though. I keep hoping one day I’ll stumble on an Aussie Unfogged (one of the very very few blogs where more than 0.1% of the comment threads are worth reading), but it hasn’t happened yet. I keep meaning to commit to reading Andrew Bartlett regularly too, but I haven’t so I don’t know if he’s a contender.

Best Overseas Australian Blog. Surely I’m not the only person who loves Rachel Chalmers’ Yatima. Surely? Her whole family is my blog crush.

In categories they don’t have, here’s some others, from closer to home:

  • Art blogging: Abstraktn
  • Grog blogging/cranky blogging: Julia
  • Bitchy teen blogging: Steph (get it while it’s hot, she’s turning 20 next year)