Energy and water saving

Partially inspired by Larvatus Prodeo, a reminder that for residents of NSW and the ACT, tomorrow (Sept 30) is the last day to get your free packs of energy saving bulbs and a reduced water showerhead through the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme. One place you can get them is from easybeinggreen, which has an online store and a bunch of stands.

As it happens though, Andrew and I have just had a reduced water showerhead put in by WaterFix this very morning. WaterFix comes around and replaces your tap washers with fancier flow regulating washers, reduces your toilet’s water consumption, and replaces your showerhead for $22 total. It’s not the same as the Greenhouse Gas scheme, it just happens to be going on at the same time. You need to have your water supplied by Sydney Water, which means its open to the Sydney metropolitan area. Unlike with the energy saver bulb packs from the Greenhouse scheme though, if you’re a tenant you need to check with your agent/landlord in order to have things in the house fixed up by WaterFix, because it’s the landlord who will get the $22 tacked onto their water bill. (In NSW, only metered water usage can be passed onto tenants, other water costs must be borne by the landlord.)