Another pre-Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) update

I was a bit despondent at the time of the Edgy beta release because it looked like all of my bugs were going to lie untouched until the end of time. But things have picked up.

Bugs I originally complained about:

Inability to scale CPU frequency.
This wasn’t bug 36014, bug 36014 was about the CPU being stuck at the lowest available speed, whereas mine was stuck at the highest available speed. It was actually not a bug at all: it was caused by my not having powernowd installed. (It’s only a suggested package for gnome-applets, it isn’t a proper dependency. Likewise, it’s only recommended by ubuntu-desktop, and I stopped installing all recommended packages because the recommendations for some packages are… comprehensive.)
Aptitude being slow to resolve dependencies
This was bug 51893, which never had a problem getting anyone’s attention. It’s been fixed for a while.

As for the second lot of bugs:

Network Manager not being able to identify wireless cards
This is actually a problem with hal, bug 59981 (my originally filed 60162 was a duplicate, and it’s attracting duplicates like nobody’s business because everyone looks for it against NM, not against hal). It’s not fixed, but there is a patch floating around and being tested.
X having dramatic glitches after suspend.
Evidently the neglected child of the family, bug 60882. Someone has confirmed it and moved it to a new package, but there’s been no sign of anyone wanting to look into it.

One more major one for me springs to mind: bug 61423 against Nevow. If this one goes unfixed, as seems likely (essentially the fix is for someone to approve an exception to the upstream version freeze as per bug 57482), I won’t be able to use Edgy on my servers unless I want to install my own Nevow versions. I’ve gone through this before with Nevow—for either the Hoary or the Breezy release there was some problem with Nevow not matching the packaged version of Twisted—because it’s so little used, and I felt really bad hassling -motu daily about the UVF exception. I’ll probably go with my instincts and just not use Edgy on my servers, or at least not on the host. Given that though, I’m less concerned about using Edgy on my desktops for the next six months than I was on the day of the beta release.