muttprint to the rescue

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you had a grant application that was due for a preliminary check on 2nd of April and you didn’t even know about the hypothetical preliminary deadline until 3rd April when you opened the email from your hypothetical PhD supervisor who is quite forgicing about that sort of thing because he’s not very good at it eitheri and he says something like "turns out that crucial deadline was yesterday, why don’t you ask if you can apply anyway, so you can maybe go to Romania in July?" And then the hypothetical research administrator is very kind to you despite considerable provocation from random useless research students over the years and decides to allow you to turn in your application on the morning of 4th April.

And by some miracle the travel agents actually get your hypothetical emails asking for a quote with a one hour turnaround and actually send them and furthermore they’ve undercut the quote by 50%.

And then you hypothetically think to yourself "Alas, alack, these emails look terribly and shouldn’t go in a grant application," and you think about installing Evolution or Thunderbird but that seems like a lot of work just to get your emails to print nicely. And you try mp but it doesn’t like Outlook style quoted-printable emails, so that’s a bit of a wash. However, thank goodness there is such a thing as muttprint. muttprint isn’t very complex; you’ll be able to kind of see, very faintly, the aura of the LaTeX commands that made it glowing ethereally from the page. But it does look nice.