Triple J panel on cyberbullying

Mark Pesce, Jeff Waugh and I did a short panel interview on blogging, online communities, standards of behaviour and so on for Triple J‘s Hack program. This is all part of the follow on from the inter-blog harrassment of Kathy Sierra (see also Sierra’s update prior to her appearance on CNN).

It was recorded Monday and went to air yesterday afternoon. I’m appearing in my new capacity as the international coordinator of LinuxChix (of which more later), although that was actually a coincidence of timing, I’d only been coordinator for a day at that point. (LinuxChix is mischaracterised in the introduction as a blogging community, by the way.) The Hack program for that day is currently available as an MP3 file [13 megabytes] (13 megabytes is at least a half hour download for dialup users, and about 7 minutes on 265kps broadband) via their podcasts. The segment I’m in starts at 22 minutes 46 seconds and ends at 28 minutes 34 seconds.