A bug observed

Andrew and I have been using f-spot recently. It’s imperfect in a bunch of ways: its UI isn’t really designed for more than ten or fifteen tags, it’s Gallery2-interface UI isn’t designed for more than about fifteen albums, and it’s not designed for two people to use it. (Like many applications these days, no two desktop users are ever assumed to want to share data between users, let alone machines, which is just too bad since we share the camera. Yes, I appreciate that this is a hard problem, but with shared music collections, photo collections and so on Andrew and I just keep hitting it.)

Anyway, Andrew found a bug in it based on one of Martin’s pictures of our wedding, which relies on the EXIF data to tell it how much memory to allocate, even when the EXIF data suggests just over a gigabyte. I know that we’ve all been there at times, it’s just a reminder to me (I don’t do a lot of coding in languages where I need to allocate my own memory) that even non-malicious user data shouldn’t be trusted.