2008 Call for Presentations now open isn’t just a Linux conference. It is a technical conference about Free Software, held annually in Australasia. We invite submissions on any Free Software related subject; from Linux and the BSDs to, from networking to audio-visual magic, from deep hacks to Creative Commons.

Important dates:

  • Submissions open: Friday, June 1 2007
  • Submission deadline: Friday, July 20, 2007
  • Email notifications from review committee: early September
  • Conference begins: Monday, January 28 2008

Read the full announcement, and don’t forget to check Martin Pool’s How to get a conference abstract accepted and my Getting a talk into I’m co-chairing the selection committee with Rusty Russell this year, so expect my points to still hold. This year we’ve added the option of a short video pitch for your talk, probably particularly useful for people who don’t appear on the Free Software conference circuit a lot. Can you speak? Well, 30 seconds to a videocam will shed at least a little light.

There’s also an email sized version of the CFP that you can mail around in excitement, although alas someone’s removed my easy copy+paste into 72 character columns version. You could nab it from SLUG.